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Vaccines are one of the most effective preventive tools in veterinary care and a very important part of each pet's overall health. We use a customized vaccination plan at Indian Creek Veterinary Hospital, providing the vaccines required by law, but also evaluating each pet's needs and lifestyle before determining the other vaccinations they will receive. We will discuss your pet's specific needs at your next vaccination appointment.

Nutritional Counseling for Pets

Nutrition is very important to our veterinary family at Indian Creek Veterinary Hospital. What we eat is important to us, so it should also be important for our pets. After all, they're part of the family too. During our annual physical examinations, we also perform body condition evaluation and report our findings back to you. We routinely make  nutritional recommendations for pets based upon their needs and we help you make the right decisions based on information we've received about over the counter pet diets that are available.

Behavior modification

We've seen it before: pets who have behavioral problems are more likely to be given up by their owners than well-behaved pets. We don't want to see this happen, so our family at Indian Creek Veterinary Hospital provides options to address issues of:

...and more. Behavioral problems can often be linked to health problems as well, so we believe it is always important for pets with these issues to be evaluated first by a veterinarian. We can run diagnostics to determine if a physical health condition is the root of the problem.

Our Pharmacy Health Maintenance Services

At Indian Creek Veterinary Hospital, we provide a fully-stocked pharmacy for the benefit of our clients. Our pharmacy allows our clients to have quick and convenient access to your pet's medications,  which we are proud to price competitively to give you the best value. Our in-house pharmacy enables us to provide your pet's medications in a timely manner, allowing your pet to begin their treatmenl plans right away.

The Indian Creek Veterinary Hospital pharmacy is only for our existing clients and patients.

Medicated baths

Does your pet have itchy or inflamed skin from allergies or dry skin? We provide medicated baths for our patients who have already had a medical examination and a skin condition diagnosis from our veterinarians.

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