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Did you know that oral health is a precursor to overall physical health? This is especially true of pets because up until recently, pet dentistry was not a primary concern in the dental world. At Indian Creek Veterinary Hospital, we  have always made dentistry a priority for our patients, utilizing a dedicated dental suite for all dental procedures.

Our veterinary team is dedicated to excellent oral health. Our doctors handle all of our dental procedures. We use our annual physical examinations as an opportunity to assess each pet's oral health, then we prescribe a dental cleaning when we believe that is necessary.

Our dental cleanings are performed with the same level of care and precision that we employ for major surgery. We utilize anesthesia monitoring tools just like we would in a surgical situation, ensuring your pet's safety. We always perform our dental cleanings with anesthesia because these are safer and more effective than non-anesthesia cleanings where your pet will become stressed and we would not be able to provide as complete and thorough a cleaning.

Indian Creek Veterinary Hospital only performs anesthetized dental cleanings. Dental procedures will never be done on your pet while they are awake. This decision has been made for a number of reasons, but primarily because anesthetized dentals are the safest. Using an endotracheal tube is the best way to ensure that airways are always kept free of secretions and water sprayed with ultrasonic cleaning. When the pet is awake, we would also be unable to complete thorough inspections under the gums in order to detect underlying pockets and periodontal disease. Non-anesthesia dentals are risky and only provide owners with a false sense of security about their pet's health and safety.